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Applaws ITA
Applaws ITA


At Applaws, we take great care selecting the companies who supply us directly with products. Our Global Sourcing Principles establish the standards for suppliers working with us.


Our Supplier’s Responsibility

Together with each supplier, we establish a set of standards which includes specifications appropriate to the industries and countries manufacturing the products.

Workforce Rights

The people working for our suppliers must be treated with respect, and their health, safety and basic human rights must be protected and promoted. Each supplier must strive to comply with all relevant local and national laws and regulations, particularly with regard to:


  • Minimum age of employment
  • Freely chosen employment
  • Health and Safety
  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
  • No discrimination
  • Discipline
  • Working hours
  • Rates of pay
  • Terms of employment


Moreover, whatever the local regulations, workers should normally be at least 15 years old*, and be free to join lawful trades unions or workers’ associations if they are represented.

Production Sites and Labelling

Suppliers must agree with us in advance the production site or sites to be used for each order: no subcontracting of our orders from these agreed locations is allowed.

Identification of the production facility and country of origin must be printed on all products made by our suppliers so that full traceability is possible.

Regular assessment

All production sites are visited and assessed regularly by our suppliers and by employees of MPM Products Limited (the parent company of Applaws). Together we strive for continual improvement.

Environmental responsibility

At the very least, suppliers must meet all local and national regulations and provide Applaws with evidence that they have achieved these standards as required.

In addition, we expect them to meet the all relevant standards relating to the environment, fishing practices and animal husbandry.

A Commitment to Extending these Ethical Principles

We expect our suppliers to adopt similar principles in dealing with their own suppliers. Suppliers must apply these principles at all times, and must also be able to demonstrate that they are doing so. We will work with suppliers to support any necessary improvements but we will also take action, which may involve cancelling contracts and ceasing to trade, if suppliers are not prepared to make appropriate changes.

Relevant International Standards

All of our suppliers meet requirements appropriate to the country of manufacture and in relationship to the husbandry of the animal species used as ingredients in our products and production processes used in the preparation of our pet food products. These include;


  • Thailand Government – Department of Labour and Protection Welfare Standard TLS 8001
  • Thailand Government – Department of Livestock Development, Ministry of Agriculture and Co-Operatives, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System
  • British Retail Consortium (BRC) Audit Process
  • International Labour Organisation (ILO) Guidelines on Occupational Safety and Health


Suppliers are also required to active members of at least one of the following organisations;


  • ISSF – International Seafood Sustainability Foundation
  • Marine Stewardship Council
  • Earth Island Institute
  • TTIA – Thai Tuna Industry Association

Our Responsibility

Applaws are committed to working with our partners and to undertake our own regular audits of process and working standards within our manufacturing partners. We also uphold the same employment or workforce rights as outlined for our partners and we participate in accredited schemes such as Investors In People.

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